Register to Vote

Dear Editor,

As director of the Belmont County Board of Elections, I am writing today to encourage your readers to register to vote or make sure their registration is up to date with the board of elections.

Ohio law does not allow votes to be counted unless votes are cast in the correct precinct.

As your readers may know, this year every registered voter in Ohio will be receiving an application to vote by mail. Boards of Elections need to have up-to-date information from voters no later than July 31, in order to get that application to them. Thus, it is imperative that anyone wanting to vote this fall get registered or get current information to the board of elections sooner rather than later.

Registering to vote, or updating your information is easy. One can request a registration form from our website at: www.elections onthe. net/oh/belmont/or can call the Belmont County Board of Elections at 740-526-0188. Our staff is eager to help with any questions people have.

This year promises to be an exciting election, and we urge all who wish to participate to do so.


William F. Shubat