Respecting Tea


First, I think the letter writer from July 2 should show a little more respect for “TEA BAGGERS.” If not for the original Tea Party do you think you would be living in the greatest country on this earth? The Non-Partisian Tea Party of today is once again trying to save our country from a dictatorial government, trying to take away our God Given Freedoms!

1. Equal pay. We already have the Labor Relations Board that is supposed to monitor and resolve any discrepencies, and the tax exempt ACLU, okay forget them, they only pick and choose the battles they want to fight, they aren’t for all Americans!

2. If the Auto Industry would have been allowed to go through bankruptcy procedures, as many other companies have had to, the chances are that they would have emerged a leaner, meaner company with the realization that if they don’t get it right this time, they’re done! Plus we wouldn’t be on the hook for billions of tax dollars, which I doubt will ever be paid back!

3. Credit card use has slowed because people with common sense realize you can’t spend more than you take in. Too bad our government can’t come to the same realization!!

4. While hate crime legislation may be a noble cause, a crime is still a crime and can be prosecuted by existing laws.

5. I’m sure you don’t remember Republicans standing in front of Congress warning about Wall Street, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac being a house of cards ready to crumble, I beleive it was Barney Frank saying Wall Street was under control and Freddie and Fannie were completly solvent, how did that work out?

6. Tax cuts. President Obama was dragged kicking and screaming to agree to extending the Bush Tax Cuts, then they turn around and pass Obamacare with a minimum of 25 new taxes, effecting all taxpayers, not just those making over $250,000 like he promised. If fully implemented, this will be the largest tax increase in our country’s history. Now you tell me, did the president lie??

7. His fuel standards do nothing more than increase the cost of new vehicles in an already hurting market, they now are making them lighter, while trying to maintain safety standards. Did you hear he’s mandating that the military must use his Green Bio-Fuel in 50% of all vehicles,[ships, tanks, trucks etc] at a cost of $26.00 dollars a gallon, compared to the less than $4 we are now paying?

8. Republican Obstructionists, I ask you, who walked out of the Eric Holder contempt vote, who did nothing when they had control of both houses of congress and the Whithouse for two years to stop or slow the coming fiscal crisis, or who still has control of the senate and has not produced a budget for almost three years? Don’t you think the democrats should accept some of the blame?

The bottom line is that we need a smaller Federal Government, with more power reverting back to the States where it originated!

One last thing, It is now the morning of the Fourth Of July, and I would like to Thank all past and present service members for defending and serving our great country!

Thank you.

Dwain E. Knight