Bashing Biden

Dear Editor

Heretofore my diatribes have been directed at the current president. Since I am an equal opportunity critic I will now direct my attention to the current vice president.

First of all the current president and vice president remind me of the title of my favorite movie comedy. I won’t name the movie but it stared Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey in the title roles. When comparing BHO and Ole Joe to the title of the movie I am not really sure which one is which.

That being said I think it is time that your readers learn a little about the V.P. First of all many Americans consider him kind of a simple minded dofus or is it dufus. Never mind, you get the idea. My favorite gaffe occurred at a rally in Athens, OH when he said ” as Barack says, a three letter word, J-O-B-S.” Now that’s funny unlike his comment “They are going to put y’all back in chains.” One should be well aware of the media firestorm that occurs when a Republican makes a stupid comment. V.P. Dan Quayle made headlines for misspelling potato. However we all know there is no such thing as liberal bias in the media, electronic or print. Yeah right.

But there is much more to learn about the current V.P.’s beyond his stupid comments. Let’s just take a sneak peak at his college days and some of his political life. During his first year of law school he plagiarized a law review article for a paper he was writing. Syracuse University College of Law records of his years there disclosed relatively poor grades in college and law school, mixed evaluations from teachers and details of the plagiarism. Apparently Ole Joe didn’t learn. When running for president in 1988 he plagiarized a speech, almost word for word, of British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock. It is my opinion that the reason these facts didn’t hurt him in the last election is because most of the current president’s “sheeples” don’t understand the meaning of the word plagiarism. On second thought I guess that even if they did it wouldn’t have made any difference.

In addition to his propensity for plagiarism he has a significant knack for exaggeration. During the 1988 campaign it was discovered he lied about attending law school on a full scholarship. He also lied about graduating in the top half of his class when he was really 76th out of 85. Looks more like the bottom ten percent to me. When the truth came out Biden had to abandon his presidential bid. Back then, unlike today, the country was concerned with character and ethics. Even the Democrats were afraid his record of plagiarism and exaggeration (lying) would hurt their chances. To me it is a very scary thought that this guy is a heart beat away from the already disastrous and ineffectual presidency.

Richard Michael

St. Clairsville