Bridgeport Memorial

Dear Editor,

On a recent trip through Bridgeport, my former hometown, I couldn’t help but notice all of the recent additions to the hillside behind the Veteran’s monument. Not to mention the very large, bulky, bright blue piece of railing less than 10-15 feet directly in front of the soldier’s monument.

As a Navy Combat veteran myself, having served two tours in Vietnam from 1967-69, I find this placement to be peculiar at best. In my humble opinion, this over-sized structure obscures one’s view of the nearly century old memorial to our nation’s servicemen lost in battle, over the course of history, and takes away from it’s significance. After giving this much thought I have come upon the following questions: Who owns the property, where all of these items are accumulating? Who made the decision in the placement of this item, that partially blocks the monument?

Is any thought being given to possibly relocating this artifact, in an attempt to preserve the precious sacred honor of the Veteran’s memorial, and those for whom it stands for? In closing, In my opinion the only real solution to this miscarriage of justice is to relocate this bridge railing totally away from the line of sight of the veterans monument.

A disrespected veteran?

Leo B. Smith