Dear Editor,

I have known Charlie Daniels for 14 years as a co-worker and friend. Charlie has always been an advocate for the working class and their families. He understands the importance of a quality education and workers’ rights. We have had many conversations about these topics and their impact on our future. When Senate Bill 5/Issue 2 was introduced, he felt that the bill was an attempt to serious erode what is the core value of a working class family. He has been steadfast in opposing this issue, even when it placed his own future in jeopardy.

Deciding that he could no longer stand on the sideline, he threw his hat into the ring and became a candidate for State Representative of the 95th District. In the midst of organizing his campaign and facing two other candidates during the March Democratic primary, Charlie was also being disciplined at work. Since he was a classified employee for the state of Ohio as a correction officer, he was informed that he could not run for a partisan political seat to represent the 95th District. Charlie was eventually fired due to this conflict. His desire to represent the working class and their rights became forefront, even though it came at a price, losing his own job.

Charlie strongly believes in the fight to protect our rights. As working families, we are facing more difficulties every day. We are finding it increasingly difficult to protect and provide what we so strongly value. Education, workers’ rights, and a chance at making a viable wage to strengthen and care for our families have become an insurmountable struggle. It is time to stand up for our values, and Charlie Daniels is the right person for this fight! I encourage you to vote for Charlie Daniels to be your next State Representative of the 95th District.


Matt Vinskovich