Dem Ticket

Dear Editor,

I was watching politics this evening on the news – Obama and his wife were campaigning.

You see both sides. On the one hand you hear people who hate Obama. On the other side he reaches out for a baby in the audience and the love is genuine. The parents are so excited. The President of the United States is holding their child. This is America!

Land of the free – and home of the brave!

Rejoice because you live here.

Get down on your knees and kiss the ground.

There will always be division in elections. A person told me that some people won’t by your paper because you print my letter.

How ridiculous! If there is any substance in that, I feel sorry for them. This is a free country.

What I say to them is “Go ahead and vote Republican! I don’t care!!” I will be voting a Democratic ticket all the way to the bank.

As my grandmother used to say, “You can put that in your pipe and smoke it.” God bless that woman in heaven.


Georgetta Ellis

Martins Ferry