Ferry Football Parking

Dear Martins Ferry Football Fans,

The prosperity recently bestowed upon our city has unfortunately hampered the Purple Rider Booster Club fundraising efforts. The sale of the city’s property along the river has taken away much of the Booster Club’s parking area. This money is used to help the community children excel.

As luck would have it, this dark cloud has a silver lining. The East Ohio Regional Hospital graciously offered their northern parking lot, next to the Walnut Grove Cemetery, to us as an alternative.

We certainly understand that for years many residents have been parking in this lot without cost, and we realize this will cause some frustration.

You have attended many football games, both home and away, to spend a night out with your community to be a part of the Martins Ferry football tradition, and for this we applaud you.

This change could be disturbing to some of you; we only ask for your understanding. Please remember, the ones who will suffer without this gift from the hospital will be our children.

Our charge for parking remains the same. Your support of $3 will continue to allow us to help those who will be our leaders of the future. Thank You for your understanding and continued support.

Go Riders!

Purple Rider Booster Club