Dear Editor

I want to take this time to thank, promote, and defend a good Senator, friend, and man in State Senator Lou Gentile. In his short time as a public servant, Lou has fought for all Ohioans, especially those in his district. He is committed to improving the lives of Appalachian Ohioans and insuring that all members of his district, no matter how large that district might be, can have a voice and advocate in the State Senate. Lou has strived to do this in his time in the Ohio House and has continued to do this as a State Senator. Lou has an opponent this November that is unknown, both personally and politically. These factors are not bad, but Ohioans feel much more comfortable knowing what they will get; in terms of care, service, and policy ideals from a politician. The average Ohioans desire for insight, gives Senator Gentile an edge. During his past two years in public service, Senator Gentile has shown an ability to relate with his constituents. That ability is completely unknown with respect to his opponent. If that is all you know of Senator Gentile, then that should be enough. If all you know is that he is committed to listening to, fighting for, and improving the lives of his fellow Ohioans then that should be enough. His character alone is a good reason to reelect him. Regardless of your party, Lou can and will fight for you equally. Columbus needs men and women of good character. Columbus needs politicians who care about their constituents. Columbus needs State Senator Lou Gentile to be reelected. Thank you and remember, on November 6th, vote Gentile for State Senator.


Conor T. Craig


Belmont County

Young Democrats

Powhatan Resident