Dear Editor,

Why do you have a job? Employers by their charitable characteristics, employ you. Wrong answer. Answer: you are employed to perform a needed service, once that service is no longer needed or profitable, you are unemployed, so much for charity.

Recently, a local employer wants his employees to believe he loves them; but, still lays them off when it affects his bottom line, so much for love.

Those of you who say the president has not created jobs, ignor the constitution. He can only propose legislation. The House of Representatives and the Senate must enact the legislation. We have been in an antagonistic atmosphere since the republican party with their tea party allies have taken over the house, with republicans in the senate filibustering legislation being requested by the president and blaming him for the lack of their inaction, not his.

The situation we are in today did not come about in this administration, this began with two unfunded wars, one started by outright lies; ten years of huge tax reductions, to so called job creators, who kept their promise as patriotic Americans by creating jobs overseas for greater profits, thereby denying job opportunities in our country, and weakening the tax base, which was needed for our country, i.e.: Social Security funding for old age, unemployment compensation for economic slow downs, and workmen’s compensation insurance for injured workers, etc.

We must salute the job creators for their patriotism by hiding their profits in foreign banks so as not to have to pay taxes to the country which offered them the opportunity for those profits. Those of you who work and pay your taxes to our country, should look up to these glorious patriots and elect them to high offices.

Alfred Tellitocci