Question for the ages

Dear Editor:

What is the secret of life? Is the answer: “survival of the fittest?” Or is it, “the Sermon on the Mount?”

Should we only look after ourselves, or should we be our brothers’ keeper?

This is the fundamental question facing us in this year’s presidential election.

Do we just let the poor and middle class continue in their economic decline or do we reverse this major economic disaster caused, in the main, by Republican policies such as the deregulation of the runaway, uncontrolled Wall Street Banks and Insurance Companies?

Just consider a few of the opposing policies between the Republicans and Democrats.

The Republicans have been trying for years to hand Social Security over to Wall Street and it continues to be their goal. Can you imagine the millionaire Wall Street traders using the Social Security trillions to gamble on the derivatives that resulted in this “great recession,” that we are still trying to dig our way out of (without any Congressional Republican help)? Certainly if Wall Street had their greedy hands on Social Security funds during the Bush years of 2000-2008, tens of millions of the fifty million people depending on Social Security would have been wiped out.

Take Medicare, the Republicans want to hand the program over to the insurance companies, while the Democrats want to maintain it as a government program. (See the Paul Ryan Republican Budget.) It is estimated that if the insurance companies take over Medicare it will cost people on Medicare an additional six thousand dollars annually.

The Republicans have committed to repealing the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). I find it unfathomable that the Republicans would deny affordable health care to thirty million more Americans; would reinstate insurance company denial rights for people with preexisting conditions; remove the 18 to 26 year olds from their parents insurance policies; take away free annual physicals and mammograms; reopen the donut hole for Medicare prescriptions; undo a healthcare program that actually reduces the deficit; etc.

The Democrats-especially President Obama-oppose these Republican efforts to do away with our great safety net that truly supports middle class families and especially the less fortunate among us.

Clearly it is the Democrats that are “our brothers’ keepers.”

Bill Bryant

St. Clairsville