Santa Claus

Dear Editor,

“If elected I will immediately repeal “Obama Care.”

“If elected, I will change taxes and entitlement programs to the advantage of my constituents.”

The shame of it is such heated rhetoric is causing the voters to vote for the candidate that they think will help their pocketbooks.

I have never heard a candidate say, “I will do these things if the legislature will pass the needed legislation. The President can do very little without the legislature’s approval.

The electorate is “running scared” because of the promises that the candidates are making. The voters need to be reminded that the House of Representatives repealed “Obama Care” several times but the Senate wouldn’t even consider the bill. George W. Bush proposed privatizing Social Security but despite the fact it is working in other countries the legislature never took it up.

The voters need to wake up and realize that promises can’t be kept as easily as they are made.

Richard Hornbeck