An Obvious Choice


With less than one month to go before Ohio begins early voting for the 2012 Presidential race, voters are beginning to focus on the two presidential candidates and their visions for America. The last four years has pretty much crystallized President Obama’s vision for America one of divisiveness, increased welfare, over-regulation and a blatant disregard for the Constitution.

One needs only to look at the numbers to come to the obvious conclusion that the President’s policies have failed. When Obama took office, the national debt stood at $10.6 trillion. It is now at $16 trillion. What has this gotten us? How about the most anemic recovery since the Great Depression? Or more long-term unemployment than has ever been recorded? Or an energy policy that has caused gas, energy and food prices to increase, while at the same time median national income has fallen by $4,000 per year? That’s not to say everything has been negative – the number of regulatory agency employees has increased by 13% and we now have more food stamp recipients than at any other time in history. Yet this administration continues to blame everything from ATMs to a Congress controlled for two years by his own party. And when those excuses don’t fly, blame Bush. Funny, you never heard Reagan blame Carter or Bush blame Clinton for the recession he inherited in his first term.

Obama was unqualified to run this nation and after four years, he still is. Instead of surrounding himself with a knowledgeable cabinet to address our problems, he brought in his cronies from Chicago to exacerbate them. He ignored the Simpson-Bowles Commission which he established to deal with debt. He hasn’t met with his Jobs Council in over six months during which employment growth hasn’t been half of what it needs to be just to keep up with population growth. Does this sound like someone with a grasp of the issues? Or does this sound like someone who is in over his head?

The Romney-Ryan team on the other hand, is exactly what this country needs two men with the vision and willingness to take on our nation’s problems. During his career, Romney has proven capable of taking bad situations and making them better. Take a few minutes to look at a list of companies that Bain Capital has started or saved in the last thirty years. You’ll hear about those that failed, but 80% have succeeded. In fact Bain is so successful that the Ohio State Employees Retirement System has $767 million invested with Bain (look it up!) Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan has probably the single greatest understanding of our nation’s budget woes; and the fact that Romney selected a man who was unafraid to take on the big issues shows how serious he is.

The choice seems obvious; move forward with a new administration serious about addressing our nation’s problems? Or continue with an administration that after four years has left us in worse shape than when they started?

Albert F. Macre