Constitution Week

Dear Editor,

The course of history was changed forever on Sept. 17, 1787. This celebrates the 225th anniversary of the signing and ratification of the Constitution.

The generous donation by George Cahill of the Mt. Flag Foundation who gave NSDAR 55 Constitution flags, made it possible for each state to receive a flag in 2012.

How did Constitution Week begin?

In 1955, President General of the DAR, Gertrude Carraway, adopted a project to observe Constitution Week. President Eisenhower declared it official on Aug. 19.

Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall is the only structure dedicated to the U. S. Constitution.

We must never forget that the Constitution is our heritage and foundation of our great country. It is the safeguard of all our liberties and the champion of our freedom.

Fly your flag and offer a prayer for America during this special week.

Thank you.

Louise Floyd, Chairman

Moravian Trail Chapter