Facts Not Hearsay

Dear Editor,

No one is pushing the line that Obama is responsible for the demise of the coal industry. Stop believing everything you hear and read these FACTS:

When Obama was the 2008 candidate for the Democratic party he stated, “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them.”

So when Obama became president, he made good on his promises about coal. Here are the FACTS:

(1) His EPA imposed tougher permitting standards for grants of coal mining permits.

(2) The Cap and Trade Bill had in its legislation that would force people to use less electricity. This bill was defeated in the Congress. So Obama in December 2009 unilaterally went around Congress thought the EPA in an Executive Order implemented his agenda.

(3) The EPA imposed Mercury and Air Toxic Standards. This regulation is for new coal and oil fired power plants. (Note: Obama’s statements).

(4) The EPA imposed Cross State Air Pollution Rule. A rule that the EPA acknowledges the technology needed to enforce it does not even exist but would cost an estimated $90 billion annually.

Here are some more FACTS you should know:

(1) Almost half of all domestic electricity generated comes from coal-powered plants.

(2) The cost to customers is approximately 4 cents KWHR compared to 22 cents for wind and solar.

(Obama’s Green Energy Plan).

(3) There are 2.15 million coal mining jobs to be lost and $200 billion of tax revenue to be lost.

Coal is our most abundant and cheapest resource. Ask any coal miner or coal mine operator, they know the facts, not what they are being told. They know who’s calling the shots.

The Obama’s way or no way. One of the biggest coldest power plays was when Obamacare came at the expense of the elderly when seven hundred and $126 billion was funneled out of Medicare by President Obama.

Our economy is falling and the unemployment is rising but they keep telling us everything is fine. Get the facts, know the facts and quit believing everything you are told.

There are not enough jobs now for the people that are out of work. If we put 2.15 million more (the coal miners) out of work and the veterans that are returning, who Obama is in his campaign speeches now is promising jobs. What is the job picture going to be, and the economy picture?

Not pretty!


Gloria Richards