Helping the County

Dear Editor,

First I want to say to Barbara Redlinger, what a great letter you had. So glad you are supporting Matt, as all of Belmont County should, but we know that is not happening because you have those people out there that have already convicted him. They forget about “innocent until proven guilty.” That’s okay because whether he is convicted or not, I will always support him, and Yes, I just told his wife a little while ago that if he is convicted, he better not take his name off the ballot. Stay on, because there are enough people in Belmont County that know about the “GOOD” things he has done, and continues to do. For you people who do not know what he’s done, read on. The following information I got from an article in the recent newspaper titled “Belmont Dems hold picnic.”

Now, do I normally read all these articles, NO. However, when the first sentence has Matt Coffland’s name in it, I read on. I’m glad I did, as even I learned a lot about Matt that I did not know fully about. This is what I learned:

Starting with the debt, are you people in Belmont County happy it has come down? I am. No one wants to be in debt. Cutting it every year by $500,000 is pretty darn good in my eyes. Maybe some of you need an eye exam. Unemployment is down in the county, 6.9 percent not too bad either. You people who have recently obtained a job, are you happy about it, then give Matt your Vote!

I know for a fact that my neighbor recently obtained a job within the past two years. Yes, it’s a good job with good benefits. For those of you who needed water for your home or property, I’ll bet most of you got it. No. I’m not saying Matt did all this work alone. There are three commissioners, and we all know they had a part in everything that happened in Belmont County the past four years, but Matt was part of it all. I’ve known Matt for a long time, and I know he is a worker, and the best part is you don’t have to ask Matt to help. He is right there volunteering to do whatever he can.

Also, I want to emphasize as Barbara did in her letter, Matt does give all the school kids very cheap discounted prices on their lunch as well as a FREE drink of their choice. Now that statement is not intended to put down any other restaurant in town serving lunch to our school kids. We have several places in town where the kids have a choice. I do know they can also go to DeFelice Pizza and get very cheap food. I don’t know anything about Central Grill or Dairy Bar, but I do know a lot of kids go there also. I think it’s great that our kids have a choice, and do not have to eat school cafeteria food. After six years of that, they are ready for a break.

Belmont County, I hope you will all read this carefully, and see that Matt Coffland is not the criminal they are trying to make him out to be. Ask yourself some questions. Why did it take four months for the arrest? Why was it done at the Jamboree? Why wasn’t his son also arrested since they say he was also cited at The Tiger Pub in April? I have too many questions and NO answers.

Again, I say VOTE for Matt Coffland on Nov. 6. You will not be sorry. You will be helping Belmont County.

Nancy Wilson




Dear Editor:

Bill Johnson is either purposely trying to deceive the voters, outright lying, or is just plain ignorant of the facts. He is currently running an ad that says Charlie Wilson voted to cut Medicare when he voted for health reform. Bill Johnson says he wants save Medicare. Not true.

First of all the $716 billion cut from medicare spending doesn’t cut benefits. The money is what went to private insurers who got the contracts to distribute the funds and savings that will take place with reduced provider reimbursements. Also, Bill Johnson voted for the exact same amount of cuts when he voted for the Paul Ryan budget.

A recent letter to the editor from St. Clairsville made the same mistake. Maybe Bill Johnson is purposely trying to deceive the public with these ads. That same St. Clairsville resident said that seniors won’t be affected by the Ryan budget cuts which is false. Ryan’s budget cuts medicaid to almost nothing. Seniors who end up in care facilities and then run out of money will no longer have Medicaid there for them to pay for their care.

By voting for the Ryan budget, Bill Johnson is voting to make Medicare an $8,000 voucher program. Then having the citizens be at the mercy of private insurers for the rest of their coverage. That’s Bill Johnson’s idea of saving Medicare?

Also outrageous is Bill Johnson’s voting to keep perks