Dear Editor,

What do you think we should do with Matt Coffland?

Here we have a Commissioner that gets off his butt and goes out and among the people to see who he can help us. He goes to Senior Centers and I see him a lot of the time when I am out and about. He is always pleasant and he listens. He really l-i-s-t-e-n-s! What is going to happen is they will probably find him guilty, BUT, I was taught you are innocent until proven guilty. Mr. Coffland seemed to be guilty way before he was innocent.

I bet most people don’t know he makes sure kids get a great lunch at his establishment for a little price.

I bet most don’t’ know he goes to the Senior Citizen centers and talks to everyone there and most of the time takes it upon himself to help if he can.

Now my question is, What we the people really want is someone who shows up at the commissioner’s meetings and that is all or do we want someone who gets out there and does things to make Belmont County a better place to live? I have already answered that question, I say we stick behind this man.

Now, I for one don’t know what happened at the Jamboree in the Hills, but it’s awfully suspicious to me that someone actually had to go out there amongst 88,000 people to find Mr. Coffland. Why? How in the world did they know where he was?

My next question is: I know there must have been some underage drinking going on in that crowd, but I sure didn’t hear of any arrests. But by golly, Coffland’s name was sure hung out there.

Next, I was not at the bar the night in question, but I suppose I would probably have been under arrest that night. If it was closing time or not, if anyone came and tapped me on the back and wanted to see my ID, I’d want to know why? After all, no one wants to ID illegal aliens in this country and do something about it. Oh, and in the Constitution, it says we have freedom of speech, so if someone yelled out Liquor Control and was in a bar, don’t they still have the same rights as all of us in the USA or has the Obama regime taken that away too, and forgot to tell me?

Well, I wish for Matt and his wife, good luck, and as for me, I will stand beside you all; and, where will the rest of you stand??

Barbara Redlinger