Mitt Romney

Dear Editor,

Who is Mitt Romney? As I sat watching the Republican National Convention (Yes I watched both conventions) so I could get a fair and balanced view, not like the people that only watch Fox News-they never get both sides, all I heard were the Governor’s talking about their successes. I thought the convention’s purpose was to promote their candidate for President.Governor Christie was 1800 words into his speech before he even mentioned Romney’s name. Governor Kasich really talked about himself and didn’t even mention the Obama bailout of the auto industry and the jobs that it entailed and not just the workers that build the cars but all the suppliers of parts.

Romney says that he will create jobs. At Bain & Company, Romney said “they are in the business of creating profits for their investors”. If big corporations create jobs -where are they? They are sitting on their profits. The middle class creates jobs by their demand for a product. If we don’t have a job or money to purchase a product-then why make it at all? There will be no demand. It seems to me that all the Governors at the RNC were selling themselves and not telling us where all these jobs that Romney would create are going to be located (perhaps another country?).He only brags about saving the Olympics and did that with 1.5 billion dollars from the federal government! Massachusetts was 47th in job creation when he left office. He had added fees to everything instead of calling them taxes. Under the tax plan that Romney is talking about, millionaires would see their taxes cut by an average of $250,000 a year. That’s 4000 times larger than his tax cuts for the average working family. Romney doesn’t talk about his term as Governor nor his religion. By the way-have you read any of the Book of Mormon? They believe that Jesus was in America and in the land of Nola. Where is Nola?

Our President was left with such a mess that no one could have gotten us out of in four years. The Republicans admit that he was left with huge problems but they also think that he hasn’t cleaned up the messes fast enough, so they want the voters to put the people that made the messes back in charge again! I don’t think so!

We do need more jobs- perhaps if the Republicans tried working together instead of never compromising, we could achieve that. Mitch McConnel got together with Boehner and said “Our number one priority is to see Obama as a one term president”. Shouldn’t his number one priority be the people of this country? We were on our way to a depression but the stock market opened this week at it’s highest since 2008! Someone is doing something right. Obama cut taxes 18 times, including taxes on Small Business. It will take more than a few years to get our country back on track. We have had a decade of decline.

WE WILL MOVE FORWARD! We don’t think government is the answer to everything but have you noticed that when anyone who gets into some difficulties, whether it be unemployment, natural disasters, or medical, they turn to the government for help! Republicans say that government jobs aren’t jobs. Isn’t that what they want-a government job? That’s what Romney is running for!

Romney is like the character in the movie Wall Street, Gorden Gekko. His strategy is identical. Yes, Romney created Staples, but after that he turned away from creating companies and started using Venture Capitol schemes with small amounts of money from Romney, Bain & Co. and borrowing large sums of money from banks like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup to take over existing companies. Then they extract their value by force and the company has to lay off it’s employees so that they have enough money to pay their large bank loans. At that point Bain & Co. takes large management fees and if the company fails to meet these large payments they are forced to either close or foreclose. This is what has been happening to many corporations both here in the Ohio Valley and across the country. Romney’s Bain & Co. always take their large fees out before the company goes under or is outsourced. Here are just a few of Romney & Bain’s takeovers: K-B Toys (former parent company of Big Lots), Ampad, two department stores: Bealls, Brothers, Palasis Royal, Dunkin Donuts(which has to sell 2,011,854 small cups of coffee every month to pay off $500 million dollars in dividends siphoned off by Bain & Co.). These new owners of American Industry are just the opposite of the Herseys, and the Andrew Carnegies’ who helped to build this country and left legacies like hospitals, schools, libraries and sometimes thriving towns like Pittsburgh.

I wonder what Mitt Romney would be doing if it weren’t for the advantages he has taken in the tax codes and loopholes. He pays less than half the tax rate than most Americans and has 12 Bain funds that are worth $30 million and are based in the Cayman Islands. THESE ARE ALL FACTS! You can verify them under the Freedom of Information Act.

To the lady from St. Clairsville who was worried about God being left out of the Democratic platform, I recall God being mentioned numerous times. At least in the Democratic platform they weren’t trying to tell women what to do with their own bodies! Thank you.

Martha Orend