My Thoughts

Dear Editor,

Money seems to be the embodiment of the Republican party. Their excessively rich donor base seems intent on buying or at the very less trying to buy this election. It’s enough to make one sick to ones stomach.

Mr. Romney may be an honorable man, but how does someone with that much money, plus hiding it in off shore accounts, has any connection with an average person?

My guess is the Millionaires and Billionaires and the Radical Right really don’t care; because, if they can buy the election, he will be nothing more than a figure head for their corrupt schemes and radical adjectives.

1. Our medical system in this country is broke. We spend more of our money on it than any other industrial country. The very wealthy can afford what they need. For now Medicare patients are well taken care of. But that leaves millions of people with no coverage or nothing more than an emergency room visit which is the most costly of all. The insurance industry is so out of touch with reality, with their excessive salary and bonus structure they have proven themselves untrustworthy to operate in an efficient manner. So following the lead of other industrialize countries. We need a single payer system. The Affordable Care Act is a good start. But it’s not the final solution.

2. Any woman who would support these angry white men’s stand on women’s rights. Either has been beaten down to the point of submission or they haven’t thought this through. That goes for their partners as well. This extreme position on abortion in the case of rape and incest is ludicrous. Then when you throw in not even to protect the health of the mother I am convince and all women should be also. These idiots are self-serving nut jobs. Evidently they don’t have any love for women in their families.

3. Everyone has a right to whatever avenue of thought that seems right to them. But how in the name of freedom and Religious Piety can a political party tell a woman what and how she should make decisions about her body? How can that same group honor the wishes Corporations who ignor science and the effects of pollution?

Listen to what they are not saying, as much as they are saying. Especially when it comes to the tax code, the last thing the wealthy need is another tax cut. But the Radical Right is so intent on pushing their social agenda they are willing to overlook the greed of money at the top.

4. Finally the total disregard of human dignity is beyond description. The way the Republicans have and are trying to suppress the minority vote in this election. It’s disgusting! It’s wrong! And they can say what they want but there is but one word to describe it. Racism.

The RNC set there agenda when President Obama took office and that was to block everything even it was to the detriment of the whole nation. I’m sure it had more to do with the shade of his skin than anything else.

Rev. Wilford Simeral