No Surprise

Dear Editor:

The EPA issue which has recently been revealed with the Esmark bid to purchase the Yorkville plant of RG Steel should not be not a surprise given the history of owner billionaire Ira Rennert and his Renco Group.

Ira Rennert has been included on the list of the ten worst private polluters in the United State by the EPA. I would ask anyone to please watch on You-Tube “A House of Lead”. This is a short documentary on Ira Rennert and his business practices in Herculaneum, Missouri and in LaOroya, Peru. Mr. Rennert has spent millions on misinformation about his business practices but balks on environmental issues.

It is so sad that a multi-billionaire can be so greedy and then ignore his responsibilities to the communities, the employees and all tax payers that are affected by his disregard for environmental issues. We, the tax payers, will ultimately pick up the tab for the Renco Group’s lack of responsibility for the health and welfare of our communities.

Those responsible for causing environmental damage should not be allowed to walk away leaving the cost of the clean-up to the community.


Gregg Arnett