Protect My Medicare

Dear Editor,

Congressman Bill Johnson has continually voiced his support for the Ryan Budget. This vote will take drastic steps to cut the Medicare guarantee that many of our seniors in the Ohio River Valley depend upon. How is this putting the thoughts and concerns of your district first?

Seniors who have paid into Medicare with a lifetime of hard work deserve to know they’ll receive the benefits they’ve earned. But at every opportunity, Johnson and House Republicans have chosen to protect tax breaks for billonaires rather than Medicare for seniors.

We need to reduce spending and get the deficit under control, but we have to do it the right way. Cutting Medicare and protecting millionaires is not right.

Johnson will tell you that the new plan is not a “death penalty” for Medicare, but the facts speak for themselves – the plan calls for an end to Medicare and for the establishment of an $8,000 annual subsidy that would be expected to cover all medical bills.

How can Bill think this is responsible leadership knowing the elderly population will have in this district.


Mary Peltz