Question to Voters

Dear Editor,

I must ask Ohio voters to ask themselves before they vote.

Do you work in or are you supported in some way by coal mining?

Do you believe in the First and Second Amendments?

Do you believe countries like Iran, North Korea, and Mexico should write your gun laws?

Right now, Hilliary Clinton and Obama are trying to pass a U.N. Treaty to ban our guns. Iran would like nothing more!

Mr. Obama would like to spend four more years of our money, that we don’t have.

Mr. Wilson, already a failure to his voters wants another tour of Washington at your expense.

Do you remember the man sneaking out the back door? Hiding, rigging, phone interviews? I do!

We must vote for Mr. Romney, Josh Madel and Mr. Johnson.

This is your last chance to keep the U.S.A. from being another third world country. Please vote for freedom, coal and gun owners.

This election depends on it.

Thank you.

John Bilica