SS Protectors?

Dear Editor

Everyone worries what the Republicans will do to or with the Social Security program. Well, let’s see what the Democrats, who are touted as the protectors of Social Security.

President Roosevelt, a Democrat, put the Social Security Program in place. The money from America’s workers went into the Social Security Trust fund.

Along comes President Johnson, a Democrat and his “Great Society” and the expansion of the Vietnam war. President Johnson and his Democratically controlled House and Senate, took the Social Security funds out of the trust fund and put them in the general fund so they could use money as they wished.

Along comes President Carter, a Democrat. He and his fellow Democrats decided that immigrants in this country, at age 65, could receive money from the Social Security Program even though they never paid a penny into it.

Finally, the Democrats started taxing our Social Security benefits, with Al Gore casting the deciding vote as President of the Senate.

I believe if the Social Security Fund had been left alone, there would be plenty of money for all Americans upon their retirement.

I would like to see a member of Congress or the Senate to put forth a bill to put all Social Security funds back into the Trust fund as it was designed. However, I believe none of them have the intestinal fortitude to try and make this happen.

In addition, with all of the Americans out of work today, there is a significant decrease of money going into this fund. Social Security as we know it will have to be changed. We should elect the ones who will bring the jobs back and start the new ones. The incumbents have had their chance. It is now truly time for a change.

Wayne Amos