Time is of essence


The Village of Yorkville has been home to the steel industry for many decades. Many of the employees of the Yorkville facility are second and third generation steelworkers, proud to carry on the traditions of their family members. The Yorkville facility of the current RG Steel (formerly Wheeling Steel) is noted as the birthplace of cold reduced black plate for tinning. The first tandem mill of its kind was installed there in 1928, the beginning of a process that revolutionized the entire industry. (Wheeling News Register)

These proud steelworkers are residents of our village or the surrounding ones, supporting our stores, attending social functions and sending their children to our public and private schools. They are members of our volunteer fire departments, church councils and school boards and are coaches for Little League, youth football and softball. They support our street fairs, steak fries and fundraisers. To say that the steel industry is the lifeline of our eastern Ohio area is putting it mildly. Without the steel industry our area will have an extremely difficult time surviving, economically, socially and psychologically.

An important fact to also consider is that the Yorkville plant supplies the black plate to the Ohio Coatings Company (OCC), a manufacturer of tin plate product, which relies on the Yorkville Plant as its leading supplier. Therefore, in addition to the immediate need for the sale of the Yorkville plant, time is of the essence in finding a workable solution to the problem caused by RG Steel’s failure to comply with EPA regulations. The period of negotiations with tin plate customers is just beginning. Therefore, any delay in resolving the EPA issue will impact both facilities, the livelihood of approximately 300 employees and their families, as well as that of residents and businesses, not only in our area, but also throughout the State of Ohio and the entire United States.

The purchase of the Yorkville facility of RG Steel by the Esmark is the step in the right direction to bring solid economic stability to our area. It will keep our people working, allow them to stay in the area and give them the continued opportunity to support our schools and businesses.

The Village of Yorkville administration is in full support of the Esmark Corporation and the United Steelworkers Local 1223 in their efforts to seek abatement of the EPA compliance issues so that a viable solution can be sought and the steel industry can continue to be the stronghold of the economic stability of our area.

We are asking that you join us NOW in our efforts by contacting your state and federal representatives to resolve this EPA issue and finalize the sale of the Yorkville mill to Esmark.

Village of

Yorkville Administration