Town &?Country

Dear Editor,

I would like to personally thank the Town and Country Animal Hospital for the care beyond any expectations that I could ever imagine for my “the love of my heart,” my dog, “Hootch” who passed away on a Sunday when my vet was not in. I called Animal Urgent Care, to take him in and have him peacefully put down. The price almost put me down, $400. But what are you suppose to do?

I called my daughter at 6 a.m. in the morning, she said, ” is he in pain and I said, “he’s not, he has had a stroke”. She said, I’ll send Tom, my son-in-law and grandson, T.J. Ney, down and they took him to her vet, “Town & Country” which is open seven days a week. I was so upset, I could not go with them.

They told me what a wonderful way they treated my dog. They even had a small service for him, talked and petted him for 10 minutes, prayed over him. Gave him a shot to sedate him, a shot so no pain would be felt. They let them go in and be alone with him and talk to him. Then they peacefully gave him his shot to end his suffering from “old age.”

My son-in-law and grandson, said it was beautiful the way they handled my dog.

That isn’t all they did!

They put his “Paw Print” on a plaster of paris plaque you take home and bake in your oven to paint. They cut a lock of his hair and sent it home with them also.

“Animal Urgent Care” should be ashamed to even charge the public the prices they charge. Also, you pay cash up front! $400 – no payments. Cash!

I got a wonderful memory of my beloved dog from “Town & Country” for $66.

When you need a “veterinarian” think of these wonderful people who took care of my dog.

My daughter said they are the most caring people to treat your animals, big or small.

Once again, Bless you all “Town and Country Animal Hospital.”

Also, thanks to our coordinator, Debbie, at Lansing Apartments for her kindness during this heartbreaking time.

Darlene Kolb