Wilson Backer

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this time to talk about the character of Mr. Charlie Wilson who is running for U.S. Congress representing Ohio’s 6th Congressional District.

In August of 1989 I was 10 almost 11 years old and my brother was 15. I had recently crossed the bridge over from cub scouting into boy scouting and was working with my dad (who is Scoutmaster for the troop in Bellaire), on staff at a local Cub Scout Day Camp. I remember a Deputy Sheriff coming to the camp and telling my dad and I that my brother had died tragically in a drowning accident. My family was crushed to say the least.

My family originates from Bridgeport, so naturally Wilson Funeral Home handled the arrangements. My parents had just lost a son and while making the burial arrangements, my dad informed Charlie Wilson that he didn’t have a life insurance policy on my brother. Charlie said to my dad, “Danny, you just lost a son and have a lot on your mind, lets get him buried and we’ll worry about the bill later.”

We buried my brother and with much help from God, we tried our best to get our lives back together. My dad faithfully paid whatever he could monthly for several years until the debt was paid off.

The remarkable thing is that during those several years, Charlie Wilson, never send my dad a bill or charged him a dime of interest.

I know that Charlie Wilson is a man of Integrity and High Moral Character. When my family was suffering through one of our hardest times, Charlie Wilson, put morals, values and friendship above profits.

I am voting for Charlie Wilson, not because of a political party, but because Charlie was there for my family and showed us compassion when we were grief stricken and in a time of great sorrow. Whether it is caring for our families in our time of need or fighting for what is right in Washington, I can honestly say that the citizens of the Ohio Valley have a friend in Charlie Wilson!


Ben Lofton