Getting Better

Dear Editor:

To whom much is given, much is required” from Luke 12-48. Focus groups say “these voters who haven’t made up their minds will make a difference in the election.” Maybe those voters can’t focus and more likely won’t vote. 75 million eligible voters didn’t vote in the last election. Please take time to vote. This November every House seat and 33 Senate seats are up for grabs. This next President and Congress could make decisions about Social Security and Medicare that will effect Americans for generations. No matter how little money or job you have, your vote counts.

There are 17 states that are controlled by Republican legislature deciding to make it harder for people to vote. When you have to pay to get a photo id plus a birth certificate and 3 other id’s just to vote-that’s a Poll Tax! We did away with that years ago. Do we want to go back to that? It is our right and responsibility to make a difference. Make your voice heard! VOTE!

The “War on Coal” continues. When I drove by the new Murray Corp. offices on U.S. 40, I thought “Wow” there must be money somewhere. Yet Murray Coal has laid off miners. If he had spent some of the money that he has used trying to defeat Obama, those miners would be working. Obama did not create the EPA, he wants clean coal. Production of coal is up by 10% the last I read. Lots of coal is being shipped to China where there are less pollution controls. Do you think Romney cares about miners? No. That meeting in Ohio was just a political tool.

Are you in the 47% Romney has written off? Sure hope not but a lot of people in the Ohio Valley are. He says he’s for 100% of the people but only says that when he is being recorded publicly. One thing I learned about Romney from watching the debate is that he can count-1,2,3,…but he still won’t say where all those jobs are that he’s going to create or what he is getting rid of in tax deductions. Maybe it’s your mortgage or child care deduction. We are supposed to believe that he even cares about the middle class and the poor! He made millions last year and didn’t even have a job.

Shame on the man calling our President names like Marx/Stalin etc. After all, he is our President whether you like him or not. This is the United States of America and though we have freedom of speech, such name calling shows disrespect and only stirs up idiots who carry guns. To the man from Barnsville that heard a sermon on the Ten Commandments, it occurred to him that our President is coveting his neighbor. Do you mean money? It is our moral duty to care for the less fortunate, the poor and less educated. It seems that Republicans always think the government wants to give their money to someone else. Romney has described Obama as a “Wealth Distributor” it turns out redistributing other people’s money is what Bain Capitol (Romney’s Company) does every day. Remember Romney received a federal bailout for Bain Capitol. He secured millions in the bailout while paying big bonuses to executives. He is against the government using funds to save jobs and industries except when it comes to his business. Under Ryan’s blueprint to slash government to slash the government that was approved by the Republican Congress, is education, highways, and would deny 1.8 million Americans assistance. It would leave 280,000 kids without school lunches and cut off health care for 300,000 children. The 5.3 trillion cuts that he has proposed-nearly 2/3 comes from programs for poor and elderly.

Things are getting better and will continue under President Obama.

Martha Orend