Grading Congress

Dear Editor,

The general election of 2012, is rapidly coming to a conclusion. We are facing some very trying times, the country and the world are going thru some great upheavals, that have been building up for quite some time.

This is an election, which should require reflection on logical, not emotional decisions. It appears that there are very serious factions vying to have their views prevail by disregarding working together, so as to bring the overall good of the nation to be the goal. No one philosophy is ever good for a nation like ours, which is a diversified nation. No factions should force its beliefs, 100 percent on the nation.

What, we have is one faction that believes the well to do should be catered to, another that feels the weakest should be given a hand up, another that feels anarchy is the solution, no rules, restrictions, or semblance of a united approach, ignoring the fact that our nation, became great by our nation, became great by everyone, regardless of personal views worked in harmony for the common cause and good of the nation.

The G.O.P. believes in the trickle down theory, which has been tried and it did not work due to greed and disdain for others, they looked for ways to become wealthier at the detriment of the nation.

The Tea Party, let’s everyone be for themselves, no laws, no regulations which are required for civilized society. Survival of the fittest is a third philosophy.

Let us look at some happenings in our democracy, which leads to its straying from what it was meant to be. The Supreme Court intervened in Florida, thereby electing George Bush, stating that corporations are a person, PACs, etc. can give unlimited funds toward elections, with no restrictions or disclosure, with states totally under the control of one party, making registration next to impossible, thereby controlling votes to ensure the election of those they choose.

I would like to point out, the G.O.P./Tea Party, will if they have total control of the nation, will under the guise of saving, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, move to different venues which would doom their existence, by lack of government backing. Social Security will go to Wall Street, which without restrictions, does not guarantee its being there upon your retirement.

An example was when 401k’s lost fund, when the market fell due to a glitch, by computer trading, thereby causing deferred retirements. Medicare and Medicaid no longer are dependable.

The G.O.P./Tea Party, claim President Obama should have had the country in full recovery in two years. Do you believe Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will? They say they will create 12 million jobs, but want more than two years. They are demanding Democrat support, which the Republican and Tea Party did not support President Obama. The depression of 1929, took many years and World War II.

When you vote, if you are one of the 47 percent moochers, ask yourself, will Mitt Romney care about you? Mitt Romney says he will not raise taxes on the middle class, $250,000 and up. How many Mom and Pop businesses clear $250,000?

When Mitt Romney ran wild in his debate with President Obama, that was okay. When Vice-President Biden gave Paul Ryan, a less on facts, that was not polite. FOX News, Rush Limbaugh and their co-horts, can lie and distort facts that is permissible. They can dish it out but cannot take it. Name calling and deformation is a G.O.P./Tea Party trait.

In closing, let me remind you, Congress controls the laws, spending and regulations, not the President.

You must honestly grade the Congress from 2010-2012.

Alfred Tellitocci