Dear Editor,

We are writing this letter in support William (Bill) Host, Tracy Boyer and Vicki Sefsick in their bid for re-election to Commissioner, Recorder and Treasurer and for Dale Norris in his run for election for our new commissioner.

We believe that you will all agree that we are at the courthouse observing what is going on more than any other people in the County. Therefore, we believe that we are the best source to comment on these three elected officials. Also, having observed many commissioners and their actions we believe that Dale Norris is the best candidate for the other commissioner’s opening. He is the one to help Donnie and Bill guard the county’s money and negotiate with the influx of businesses coming to Harrison County. For the first time in a long time we see the commissioners all working together to better the County.

Commissioner Host has served the county for eight years in his capacity. There are not many individuals who are willing to give up so much of their personal time to serve the county. If any organization needs an auctioneer he is there. He and Sue both attend all county functions so he is there to listen to what people in Harrison County have to say. If you are not out among the people you serve, how are you going to know what is on the minds of those in the county. If he does make a mistake, he is the first to admit it and take action to correct the mistake. He has guarded the county’s money well in the past eight years and we believe he should be at the helm another four years.

Tracy Boyer has been our county recorder for as many years as we can remember. We have found her to be helpful, resourceful and always willing to help anyone with whatever they need from her office. She has brought hundreds of thousands of dollars into the county with her stewardship of the Recorder’s Office.

Vicki Sefsick, has proved herself to be onset, upright and helpful to all citizens in Harrison County. She has initiated new incentive ways of handling the treasurer’s office that makes it easier for the residents in the County. At the present time, the Treasurer’s Office is being run in an expert air, honest manner. This is all due to Vicki “taking care of business.”

Dale Norris has many years of experience with county affairs having worked for the Engineer’s Office until retirement. He is familiar with who to obtain grants and other monies for the improvement of the county. He will be an excellent addition to the Commissioner’s position.

All of the above candidates will be working in their jobs full time. That is what we need for a county elected official.

Sincerely yours,

Joyce L. Klingler


Janet McGonigal