Home Economics

Dear Editor,

As the home goes, so goes the nation.

We must increase the high school hours by at least an hour, so Home Economics for the future young mothers and shop classes for our young men can be taught.

My daughters both learned how to sew, along with being in 4-H programs. One of them even sewed her beautiful wedding gown. Our two boys made a bench and three-tier shelves on which to display pictures.

This was at St. Clairsville, and now there are not many schools which teach those subjects. Don’t even tell us that there is not enough money to do this, as there is plenty being wasted in our county, state and country.

And with all the gas leasing money now, donations to begin the above lessons might be available from our residents.

Why it might even save a few marriages in the future! Let us begin!!

Our politicians are talking about creating jobs, many of our returning veterans could fill the teaching positions. If all the schools would accept this idea, thousands of positions would be created all over the country.

Thank you for listening.

Mary Lou Pruneski