Dear Editor,

The Jefferson County JVS offers 14 Vocational Career Preparation Programs which teach students the skills that are critical to succeed in the workplace. To make sure students can receive the training that is needed to enter a job market in an every-changing economy, we must update our curriculum and revamp each program to meet the expectations and demands of today’s workplace requirements.

It is imperative that we improve the training students receive to better prepare them for future careers.

That is why we have found it necessary to request approval of a one mill levy. The proceeds of this levy will enable us to upgrade our vocational programs and make much needed improvements to our facility.

All of our programs will benefit from the passage of the levy as the instructors have identified the equipment that is needed to keep us with the many changes which are occurring in the workplace.

Students who have completed their studies at the JVS have the academic, technical and employability skills needed to become productive workers and responsible citizens but there is still much to do. Career and technical education plays a major role in economic development and that is why as workforce needs change, JVS programs change, and your help is needed.

Approving the levy will enable us to provide students the skills and knowledge that are required for employment and advancement in the workplace make it essential that students are well prepared so, please help us provide students the relevant and vigorous training that Business and Industry demand.

On behalf of the JVS staff and the Board of Education, we want to thank the residents of our school district in advance for their ongoing support. Please call 1-740-264-5545 or stop at the JVS if you have any questions or desire specific information about the improvements we will be making in each of the programs.

Dale Edwards


Jefferson County

Joint Vocational School