Dear Editor,

The recent Letter to the Editor – ‘good letters” … ended with a rather disturbing – but a couple of good questions.

The gentleman’s questions was: “I wonder what ever became of the contempt of Congress charge made against our Attorney General, Eric Holder? I wonder what rug in the White House this got swept under?”

The questions, may or may not, get the attention of people who are subscribers to this newspaper.

But, here’s my response to his questions:

We’re not imagining that the U.S. Department of Justice – has bad apples in their barrel, no questions about it.

Just look at one example:

Under “Operation Fast and Furious”, Holder’s Justice Department has abetted federal felony gun-law violations and international gun-running-resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and in the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.

Again, we’re not imagining that the Obama/Holder Justice Department is defending the president’s off-the-wall blanket declaration that “Fast and Furious” is protected by “executive privilege,” thus painting the cover-up with an even broader brush.

The fact is, even efforts to improve ballot integrity has become a scandal in its own right.

It’s time for a house cleaning at the Justice Department … hand Holder and Obama their walking papers this November.

Robert Johnson

St. Clairsville