Dear Editor,

I recently received a mailing from Bill Johnson telling me he was running to save Medicare for seniors. This fiction is being reinforced by TV spots that he is sponsoring. I am surprised that he is running against Charlie Wilson. If he wants to save Medicare, he should be running against Congressman, Paul Ryan. That is where the danger to Medicare lies, in the Republican controlled House of Representatives. Bill Johnson and the Republican members of Congress want to starve Medicare in two ways. Either, they would like to pass it on to the states or they want to pass it on to insurance companies. Initially they say that vouchers would be used to pay for the benefits. This might sound good at first glance; however, we all know that the cost of medical care is rising faster than any other item in our budgets. This means that the voucher to pay for senior Medicare won’t rise as fast as the bills do. Who will make up the difference?

We seniors will and it will probably be thousands of dollars per person. Another problem with the Bill Johnson/Paul Ryan is that the states are already cash strapped. How can they handle the added expenses? Another problem with the Bill Johnson/Paul Ryan is what will happen when the insurance companies run short. They will have to reduce benefits.

Another word that describes this is rationing.


Richard Polinsky