Dear Editor,

Recently I heard Mr. Obama say that he had got back all of the jobs that had been lost since he took office. As Bill Clinton recommended, let’s do the math.

Obama took office near the end of January 2009, so to be fair I will start with February 2009. In February 2009, the labor force was 154.5 million with 141.7 million working. 42 months later, for August 2012, it was 154.6 million with 142.1 million working. Looks about the same but here is the lie. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the net number of people becoming old enough to enter the labor force less those legitimately leaving it (for example, by retiring) gives a 1% growth rate. That is about 1.5 million new workers per year or about 125,000 per month just to keep unemployment numbers unchanged. For 42 months, that is over 5 million new workers that Mr. Obama conveniently ignores by fudging the size of the labor force as I explained in a previous letter. He knows these numbers and purposely misrepresents them so you will think he has done something that he has not. Using the correct numbers puts unemployment at 10.2%, well above the Feb. 2009 level.

Mr. Obama also talks about taxing the rich to balance the budget and pay down the deficit. Let’s do the math. This information comes from the IRS web site, www.IRS.gov. The most recent data they have is for 2009. I would have liked more recent data but that is what they have. You can go there and verify everything.

For that year, there were 140.5 million tax returns. 81.87 million returns had tax due, and 58.63 million did not. 58.3% of those filing paid tax and 41.7% didn’t. I am told that the tax paying percentage is now lower and the non-paying percentage is higher, but I can’t verify that with IRS data.

Mr. Obama is talking about higher taxes on “the rich”, incomes of $200,000 or more. Let’s look at the numbers. This income group, 2.8% of the total, had 28.8% of the total Adjusted Gross Income (AGI is before deductions) or $1,953 billion. They paid $434.3 billion. This is 50.2% of the total taxes paid by everyone. The remaining 97.2% had $4,830 billion in AGI and paid $431.6 billion. 2.8% paid 50.2% of the taxes. Mr. Obama says it is not enough.

Our deficit was $1,300 billion in 2011, and again in 2012. It seems clear that you can’t get that much money out of 2.8%, but let’s do the math. You can double what they paid and you would still be $866 billion short. If you triple it, you are still $432 billion short. This is not rocket science, it is just arithmetic. Mr. Obama and the Democrats know it can’t work; that it is a fantasy. They are saying it to make you envy the rich and want the government to take what they have and give it to you. They want you to vote for them without thinking any farther. His supporters, Charlie Wilson and Sherrod Brown know it too, yet they go along with the charade. I listened to a sermon on the Ten Commandments a few days ago. Suddenly it occurred to me that Mr. Obama is urging you to break the tenth commandment, which in summary is: “You shall not covet what belongs to your neighbor.”

He shamelessly lies about everything. The corruption and violation of our constitution by this administration knows no limits. How can anyone support a man that has so little character? How can someone with so little character be trusted with your future? His strategy is to divide us and pit us against each other, not to do what the country needs. What we need is less spending, but he has done the opposite, and he will not change in the future. At one time the Democrats were the party of the working man. I voted for them years ago when this was true, but it is no longer. Obama’s actions and those of the Democratic party are designed to push a big government, socialist agenda where they control everything; where they take your money and spend it for you. Socialism has never worked anywhere. Just look at Europe. We do not want to copy them. It is time for a change in management.

Charles Melchiori