Obama Basher


It is beyond me how people can still be in support of President Obama. He said his biggest advisor is his wife Michele.?Well lets look at her.

One of her jobs while supporting her husband was the same as Mitt Romney’s while at Bain Capitol, she had to cut corners and layoff or fire people to make her hospital financially competitive. She herself said that she was never proud of our country until they elected a black president. She is on tape at a celebration of our American flag mouthing the words.

All this for a damn flag! Speaking of our flag, the president would never wear one on his lapel until it was brought to our attention. Oops! He didn’t, I believe, wear one when he took his oath of office as an Illinois senator while placing his hand on the Koran instead of a Bible. A political career started in the home of Bill Ayers, a former leader of the Weather Underground, whose goal was to overthrow the American government through bombings of government buildings and banks, who said after his release because of a technicality, that his only regret was that he hadn’t done more for the cause! Our president will not take responsibility for his failed promises, everything is blamed on Bush and Congress, a Congress that had a Democratic majority for three years, including the the first two years of his term.If he is re-elected will he blame the last administration? He keeps talking about tax increases on the wealthy instead of spending cuts! Big government spending last year was $3.6 trillion, which is an all-time record! America’s federal debt is over 16 Trillion dollars and growing, which means that the interest payment alone is costing taxpayers more than $200 billion every year! We are now facing an additional $1 trillion for next year! Obamacare was estimated to cost $940 billion over the next 10 years, while the actual cost will be over $1.7 trillion. Surprise, surprise, they lied again! The duplicity of federal government is staggering, we are paying for 342 separate economic development programs, over 130 programs serving the disabled, and over 130 programs targeting at-risk youths. Just a consolidation of some of these programs would save us billions of dollars each year, Our government debt is a house of cards that is very close to falling, and will crumble if something isn’t done soon. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security will not survive without reform, that is a fact that Americans had better realize unless they want to become another Greece or Spain. We can not afford to borrow money just to give it away to countries that hate us, harm or even kill our citizens! Numbers do not lie, and no matter how the pundits write them, if we end up with over $1trillion of additional debt every year we are on a sinking ship that needs a new captain and crew. Our country, our children and our grandchildren depend on it being done “now” before it’s too late!

One last thought, if we are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar spent, isn’t China subsidizing 40 percent of our president’s and Congress’s salary!

Does this count as outsourcing of American jobs? Just a thought to ponder when you step into the polling booth!!

Thank you and God Bless America.

Dwain E. Knight