Polish Month

Dear Editor,

The month of October has been designated as Polish American Heritage Month.

This heritage month has been observed for 31 years, which began in Philadelphia, Pa and became a national celebration of Polish history.

Since 1608, when the first Polish settlers arrived in Jamestown, Va, Polish people have been an important part of American’s history and culture.

During 2012, Poles will mark the 404th anniversary of the the first Polish settlers who were among the first skilled workers in America.

Polish Americans will also mark the 233rd anniversary of the death of General Casimir Pulaski, Father of the American Calvary.

Another great accomplishment being marked in 2012, the 100th year anniversary of the founding of Alliance College in Cambridge Springs,PA, by the Polish National Alliance.

At the dedication ceremony, President Taft delivered these opening words: “This expression on the part of the Poles of the United States, of a desire to perpetuate in this the land of their adoption the highest insitution of learning for the purpose of furnishing for their educated youth an opportunity of the study of the language, the literature, and the history of Poland, presents an interesting phase of the settlement of this country by immigrants from European countries.”

October is a great month to salute the Polish Americans for their great achievments and accomplishments.

Be proud of knowing or being a Polish American.

Yvonne Tuchalski

PNA council 50 President