President Zero

Dear Editor

I have had it up to my eyeballs because of the importance placed on the so called likability factor in the forthcoming election. I will concede the fact that polls indicate that the current president is more likeable than Gov. Romney. So what? likability is great in your drinking buddies or the guys you play poker with every Wednesday night. However when it comes to any serious matters it means absolutely nothing?

Let me explain. I know a fellow who is the most likeable person you would ever want to meet but he is totally irresponsible and his personal life is a mess. Many many years ago, in junior high, I had a teacher who was the farthest thing possible from being likeable. From my youthful viewpoint she was an extremely mean old witch. In later life I realized how much I learned from her regarding the subject she taught and what a capable teacher she really was. Now let’s just suppose you are in need of major surgery for a life threatening condition. Now I ask you what is more important in the surgeon, bed side manner or ability with a scalpel.

Let’s examine the current President’s so called likability. It is my opinion his likability is only a facade. Yes, when he is on the stump he gives a relaxed and friendly appearance. This is only an act that must be used when campaigning. I have read his competitive, boastful nature rubs even some loyal Democrats the wrong way. In my opinion his body language indicates that he is a very arrogant and narcissistic person.

He exaggerates his accomplishments and talents so he can be recognized as superior without significant achievements. He becomes very angry when frustrated, contradicted, or confronted. He is unwilling to accept blame for anything. Someone else is always to blame (usually George W. Bush and/or the Republicans).

What is likeable about a man whose mentor, in his formative years was, Frank M. Davis, an avowed communist? What is likeable about a man who has a close association with Bill Ayers who in 1969 co-founded the Weather Underground a self-described communist revolutionary group that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings? What is likeable about a man that attends, for 20 years, church services conducted by the Rev. Wright an anti American preacher? What is likeable about a man who cozy’s up to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that’s stated goal is WORLD domination by the Muslim faith?

I am not a “birther”. I am fully convinced that he was born in the United States. Being born in the United States makes one an American citizen but does not make you a real American. Conversely one can be born in a foreign country and become a real American. Many of the millions that passed through Ellis Island is sufficient proof of this.

If this were a face to face conversation you would probably say” OK wise guy what makes a person a real American”. First and foremost you must support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. There are many cemeteries throughout the world filled with little Crosses and Stars of David for those who took this to the ultimate and gave their life defending the Constitution and our way of life. Next you must recognize that the U.S. is truly exceptional and not just one of many insignificant countries on the third rock from the sun. Next you need a basic understanding and appreciation for the history of the U.S. This does not mean everyone has to be a history buff and know every major event from Revolutionary War forward. You need to know how we started and how the U.S got to where it is today and understand this didn’t occur by accident or because of the government. You know like the stupid, “you didn’t build that business”, speech implies. Finally you must have a deep, sincere and unconditional love for this country. The same way you love your children. Sure, as a nation we have made mistakes over the years. Do you stop loving your children when they err?

The fact that the current president is void of all of the qualities, on a likeability scale of one to ten, I consider him a zero

C. Richard Michael

St. Clairsville