Seeking Progress

Dear Editor:

With two weeks remaining before the election, it’s time to get past the incessant ads, the bogus “war on coal”, the imaginary fears promoted by some, (socialism? rampant inflation while CD’s pay 1%??), and concentrate on the real issue. Do we want negative or positive results for our country?

Negative is taking away the hard earned benefits of a life-time’s work; it is pretending we want to go back to the “good old days” when corporations were free to pollute everything in sight, when women were expected to stay barefoot and pregnant, when half the population in some states couldn’t even vote. And it’s believing we can have a 20% tax cut while balancing the budget, that tax breaks for the wealthy will somehow trickle down to the rest of us.

If you do not believe in fairy tales, but want a positive outcome to the election, consider this: positive is building on the successes of the past and doing everything we can to improve the future. It is maintaining the promises made to our workers, it is developing all energy sources, it is protecting this world we live in. Positive is continuing the improvements in job-growth and manufacturing, in the housing market, in health care, in our reputation overseas….. and all of the advances made since the disasters of the Bush years.

So which are you? If you swallow the lies and negativism, vote for the etch-a-sketch crowd; if you want progess, support Obama, Brown and Wilson!

Tom Morgan