Serial Liar

Dear Editor,

Every proposal President Obama made to improve the economy went more than half way to meet Republican demands.

But Karl Rove and the Republican members of Congress moved further to the right, led by the billionaire Koch brothers who fund their KLAN aka “the Tea Party”. The Republicans obstructed every proposal put forth that was designed to stimulate the economy as they promised. The Republican party, what’s left of it, and the propaganda machine of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have made the S. word the GOP’s political talisman. Hence, the letters to the editor with words such as socialism, European socialism, Marxism, etc.

President Obama came from the most difficult situation to become the epitome of American possibilities. Mitt Romney is the epitome of a Little Lord Fauntleroy. Supreme Court decisions such as Citizens United…and workers forced to become political props at Murray Energy as reported on MSNBC is what you will get with Romney and Republicans. Seniors, do you want Social Security privatized so you can play the stock market, and Medicare a voucher system so you can spend your time looking for medical insurance from the greed merchants of the insurance industry?

Even more egregious is a report on Steubenville CH9 of the Federal Election Commission that gave Murray Energy 15 days to answer to the possible election fraud involving the extortion of workers. This may explain the fire Obama road signs. Is this the same as cowtowing to Obama by “labor groups” as one writer was concerned about?

Recently Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, former Secretary of the Navy, under Bush I, and highly decorated Vietnam Marine Officer, gave a speech in support of President Obama. Look up his speech! You’ll learn what the words “real” and “qualified” mean as one writer questioned!

As I watched Mitt Romney today in Ohio he is undoubtedly the biggest serial liar ever to run for political office. He even calls himself a liar, hour to hour.

Remember the 47% Romney doesn’t give a d**n about? They’re vets, seniors, disabled and the poor.

Gene Campbell