Dear Editor,

In “Our Opinion” this is a Republican newspaper! Always has been. You endorse Gov. Romney and Josh Mandel. What about the people who buy your newspapers, might not be Republicans.

We might be the 47 percent who are moochers, who paid into Social Security pensions and paid taxes.

We might represent “Your Opinion” for us to vote for Mr. Romney, (put in your Republican newspapers).

You ignore the fact that Romney’s money goes out of the United States, so he doesn’t have to pay more taxes. We the 47 percent don’t want Social Security privatized and have the greed of big business, getting richer.

We are the seniors, vets, disabled and the poor. This is not our best interest!

This newspaper should stay neutral. You get your money (most of it) from people like us.

Romney will not ensure programs for the poor. What’s more, he is more likely to engage us into another war. Israel will always be helped by their country, being rash isn’t always the best!


Mrs. Rose Clark