Tea Party

Dear Editor

I could not attend the Tea Party rally in St. Clairsville on Tuesday, the 9th.

However, I understand that Charlie Wilson is up to some weird tacky tactics. A friend of mine approached Congressman Johnson and was immediately told by Mr. Johnson that the cameraman following him and videoing his every move was hired by Charlie Wilson. This raises some questions.

Why is Charlie Wilson paying a videographer to follow Congressman Johnson everywhere he goes to video everything he does?

Who is paying for this videographer? Is this a common practice among politicians or is it just Charlie Wilson being tacky? What does he expect to see in these videos? How would Charlie respond if someone hired a videographer to follow him around?

I have one more question. Why didn’t Charlie Wilson attend the Tea Party rally and attempt to defend his miserable term in office rather than harass Congressman Johnson?

Larry Willming

Martins Ferry