Think Then?Vote

Dear Editor,

If you, like me, are nearing retirement age, or are even 10 or 15 years within retirement age, this is a crucial election for you. This election will determine whether Medicare and Social Security will remain a safety net for our seniors or will end in the near future.

Make no mistake, Romney and Ryan will certainly end both programs if elected or gut them until they are useless. The Ryan budget passed the House in April, 2011 and contained provisions for Medicare to become a vocher system. It was only stopped by the Senate Democrats and would have been vetoed by Obama.

The voucher plan would subject seniors to the whims of private insurers and in the first year alone, according to the Congressional Budget Office, would mean that the cost of seniors would double to about $12,000 a year. Private insurers would get the benefit-this would NOT go to pay down the deficit.

By 2050, as inflation took its toll, an 85-year-old would need $50,000 to buy coverage as good as Medicate. Do you – or your kids – have that kind of money? Who will pay for your medical needs?

Think carefully before you cast a vote for Romney/Ryan!

Beverly Bedway