Tony Scott

Dear Editor,

Tony Scott is once again coming to the voters in the Bellaire Local School District and is asking them to pass a levy.

I have a few things to ask Mr. Scott.

Have you been up front with the people of Bellaire? Does the public know that you retired and were rehired for the same wages? Your retirement was an opportunity for you to step up and take a lower pay like other retire/rehires do and show this district that you are committed to helping make cuts. Instead you took the opportunity to make more money.

Everyone else in the district has made sacrifices. The teachers and support staff changed insurance plans to save the district over $400,000 per year. Teachers are paying for classroom supplies out of their own pockets.

Many teachers and other staff members have lost their jobs. Why doesn’t Mr. Scott make some sacrifices? If he would have been rehired at a lower pay, maybe a teacher could have been recalled or a cut program could have been restored.

I am tired of paying other peoples’ bills when they get in a jam. It is really easy to spend someone else’s money.

It would be nice if I had help with my finances. I understand that the district needs money, but it is hard to vote for the levy when Mr. Scott is getting rich off our district. Needless to say, I am going to vote NO.

Joyce Weekley


Letter Response

Dear Editor,

I write out of deep disappointment after reading Frank Papini’s letter to the editor that appeared recently in this paper in which he claims I haven’t been actively engaged in efforts to help preserve the important jobs at RG Steel and Ormet.

The kind of partisan politics and misinformation his letter contains are, unfortunately, all too common in America today. The attempt to score cheap political points at the expense of the truth does not solve problems and only serves to widen the partisan divide.

The truth is I’ve been deeply involved in working to find ways to enable both companies and the important jobs that go with them to remain in our community. As a member of the USW, Mr. Papino must know that USW International President Leo Gerard and District 1 Director David MacCall wrote me a letter several months ago thanking me for my work assisting RG Steel (a copy of this letter is enclosed). I’ve been an advocate for the Mingo Junction facility ever since the plant was purchased from Severstal and expressed the importance of the facility, and its value and utility, to the bankruptcy judge.

As for the potential shutdown of Ormet, I continue to be engaged with the Governor’s office and the company’s senior executives in an effort to save the aluminum manufacturing facility, and the 1,000 jobs that go with it.

It is well known that the jobs at Ormet are threatened largely because of the Obama Administration’s policies that are driving up the cost of electricity, and Ormet is one of the largest electricity consumers in the state.

I will continue to be a strong advocate for all the people and businesses in Eastern and Southeastern Ohio, and am proud to have the support and the endorsements of business and labor organizations up and down the Ohio River.


Bill Johnson