Two Gentiles

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to explain to the voters of Jefferson County that we have been confused by a local candidate for Jefferson County Commissioner, Tom Gentile.

I am writing about Tom Gentile, our current County Commissioner, NOT Lou Gentile our State Senator who is NOT related to Tom Gentile.

Most people are confused that Tom and Lou are related; however, Commissioner Tom Gentile, is NOT related to our State Senator.

Tom lived in Belmont County and was heavily affiliated with and active in the Republican Party. Upon moving to Jefferson County he decided that it would be easier to win a local commissioner seat as a Democrat, so he changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat.

To complicate matters even more, one elected official Tom Gentile then “pulled petitions” and attempted to file as a Republican for a different position with the state. I know individuals who were asked to sign his petitions to run as a Republican, while he was in office serving as a Democrat commissioner. This also points out to me that he is in a big hurry to climb the political latter and benefit himself, rather than serving the constituents of Jefferson County. This flipping back and forth from party to party just to gain votes and manipulate the public is wrong. Elected officials should want to understand and work with the citizens, not deceive them for votes. We need someone who is not trying to confuse or manipulate our local voters, and we definitely need someone who is firmly committed to helping us locally, not someone focused on climbing the ranks.

Enough with the same old Jefferson County politics.

Jerry J. Valenti