Upsetting News

Dear Editor,

I got upset last week about a couple of things that were printed in the local newspaper which I don’t agree with.

The first thing was they said that we are not a Christian nation and the other was about the football players saying a prayer before the game started.

For one thing, I do think that this is a Christian nation and the reason I say it is because all of our money has on it “In God We Trust”, paper and coins.

Our Pledge of Allegiance, has “One Nation, Under God” and our American asylum, “Our Father’s God to thee, author of Liberty”; and, we have our Bibles in the courts to swear on. If these atheist and followers of Satan could get their way, they would try to get that changed too.

When I went to school, we had prayer in our schools and if you didn’t want to pray, you didn’t have to, no one forced you.

I think prayer should be brought back in our school to the ones that want to pray. As of right now there is no prayer in our schools anymore and what is next to come. These atheist and Satan followers don’t want us to follow God and our savior, Jesus Christ.

These people complain about our religious signs, our Christmas decoration of the manger, which our Savior was born in, or the sign in Steubenville of the cross on the college that was on the sign; but, if that was a symbol or picture of Satan, they wouldn’t complain.

Maybe that is what is wrong with our nation and all the problems and disaster we are having. Satan is trying to get a foothold on this nation to follow him, which I will NOT. I think our nation should take a hard look at the Ten Commandments and God. Maybe our nation would stop having all these problems that we do.

I might not go to church like I should do, but I do love God and accept Jesus Christ as my savior and read the Bible and pray each night for our nation to stop Satan from ruining our nation.

Lafayette Ohlinger Sr.