Cumberland Trail

Dear Editor,

As the Chief of Cumberland Trail I would like to take the opportunity to sincerely pass along our sincere appreciation for the support that we received from our voting public on Nov. 6, 2012. Your vote of confidence in us will allow us to continue to provide quality service through quality personnel, equipment and facilities during your time in need.

We are quite honored that we were successful in the general election where we had 67 percent of our fire district residents who were registered to vote actually vote on our replacement levy with 66 percent approving our cause to provide quality service to each of you.

Please remember the Cumberland Trail Fire District #4 appreciates, and never takes for granted the unwavering support that the citizens of St. Clairsville and Richland Township have shown for us over our 22 year history.

I would also like to give our sincere thanks to several individuals, organizations and business who were very wonderful in assisting using making this a successful campaign. Those individuals include: The Fire Board of Cumberland Trail Fire District, Fiscal Officer (Darlene Pempek), Andy Sutak (Belmont County Auditor), Richard P. Steele (Fire Levy Committee Treasure), the Honorable Mayor Robert Vincenzo and all members of the St. Clairsville City Council, Richland Township Board of Trustees and Fiscal Officer Cindi Henry, Mr. and Mrs. Al Vass, Mr. and Mrs. Don Stephens, M.C. Thomas Insurance, Fregiato, Myers & Davies Attorneys At Law, Attorney, Gerry Duff, all members of the Independent Insurance Agents of Belmont County, Foster Insurance Incorporated, Sew Biz, Steele Insurance, St. Clairsville Sunrise Rotary, St. Clairsville Chamber of Commerce, Bob Stewart and Stewarts R.V., Dr. Batra, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Holtsclaw, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Holub, The Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters, Cumberland Trail Career Firefighters Local 3667 and Cumberland Trail Firefighters Association, City Advertisers and The Times Leader staff and all those individuals that specifically requested our campaign signs.

I would also like to provide a special thank you to all of our staff here at Cumberland Trail that went above and beyond in their efforts in our door to door campaign including the wives that worked on our campaign signs. Besides the day to day operation several of our staff made sure that they were out on the street informing you, the voter.

I would also like for our voters to know that during the campaign our staff made some wonderful differences in the lives of some of our valued residents in the form of two cardiac arrest saves and two successful STEMI (myocardial infarction cases) which were handled at the Wheeling Hospital Accredited Chest Pain Center. Each of these are examples of our theme of a quality fire department involving quality individuals who are quality trained and quality equipped to do the job when called upon to do so.

Again, our most sincere appreciation to you, the voter.

Chief Ken Saffell OFE