Political Strategic Reassessment

Dear Editor,

As a result of President Obama’s recent successful bid for re-election which culminated in a most decisive 332-206 vote Electoral College wins, is it not now finally time for one nation’s law-makers to relegate partisan politics to a secondary position and return the greater good of our nation as their collective primary focus, as should always be the case?

President Obama cared re-election as our country’s Chief Executive in spite of an obscene and literally unprecedented amount of fund generated and utilized against him, as a result of a recent United States Supreme Court decision that overturned critical campaign finance rules and regulations which has led to unrestricted contributions from undocumented sources, in particular unregulated super P.A.C. (Political Action Committee), which greatly favored Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, as a result of the Republican party’s long documented advocacy on behalf of the wealthiest among us.

Despite this aforementioned decision, which greatly unleveled “the playing field,” the people have spoken loudly (with their votes) in support of President Obama and Congressional Democrats.

The recent election was dominated by negativity (much of it unfounded and personal) directed toward our President by the likes of Republican/conservative demagogues and advocates such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove, Donald Trump and Dick Morris, along with virtually all of the “Fox-News Channel on-air talent.”

As their recent strategy of negativity has failed to produce desired results, perhaps a strategic reassessment for Republicans may be at hand.

Perhaps the Republican Party should consider returning to the attitude espoused by former President and conservative icon, Ronald Reagan, where political adversaries and their ideologies were approached with civility and mutual respect; and, as a result, our country was the primary beneficiary.

Why could we not return to such an era of civility and mutual respect?

Our great nation deserves nothing less.

Thank You.


Richard Hord

Martins Ferry