Shot Down

Dear Editor,

Talk about trying to survive. My wife and I just took another well-placed bullet into our financial gut yesterday. We’re both in our sixties, I am retired, maybe, from the U.S. Postal Service and my wonderful, hard-working wife, of 42 years is still working. We both have worked very hard for many years raising a family, paying our bills and trying to live and prosper in our wonderful U.S.A.

I fully understand our nation’s woes at this time. We are all going through tough times, at least most t of us. What I fail to really understand is our government. You know these people we elect to watch over us, like a father over his children. We just seem to expect they are doing a great job in our capital. Our fathers did a great job watching over us and yet I failed to understand our nation’s policies on making sane decisions. We are being “shot down” by our own pilots. I want to ask desperately – “What’s going on in Washington, D.C.?” We, as a middle class citizens, who financially support this country, cannot understand why our chosen leaders cannot make this airplane fly.

The elected officials over the past 20 years, have always kept us flying, until now. I have to ask Lou Gentile, Bill Johnson and Mr. Obama, “Why do you argue and fight all the time with each other?” Why can’t you just fly the darn plane and keep us in the air. If the wars overseas are draining the fuel tank,then stop flying over there, Get Out! Let those people figure out their own issues. You’re running out of fuel and you’re flying around all over the world trying to save everybody by food prices, fuel cost and health insurance. Why can’t Washington, D.C. see that? Is our WAR MACHINE out of control? If those people over there hate us, then why does the whole world want to come to America, the land of milk and honey? Well your milk is going sour and our honey is bitter.

Over the past 30 years, our leaders have failed miserably at flying the plane. We are still in the air, but the turbulence is killing us. When our lives get to the point where money is the only controlling factor, we all have failed miserably. Our children depend on us daily, as we depend on our leaders to keep us flying as the best darn nation in the whole wide world. Yesterday, we received a notice from our health provider that our cost per month is going up to $225.68. That is $225 is our grocery money, our electric bill or fuel cost to stay warm this winter. I’m mad as hell right now at our leaders. Our place is almost out of fuel and our leaders have left us no place to land.

Richard Lucas