Camera Farce


What a farce, Dec. 2 the Times Leader published a news article reporting that traffic cameras are to be installed at the Route 7, Hanover Street intersection.

The article implied that the installation is predicated on the fact that the Hanover Street intersection is one of the most dangerous in Ohio.

May I ask, “Whose fault is that?”

Ohio 7 through Martins Ferry should have been designed correctly in the first place. The City of Martins Ferry and the State of Ohio are at fault for creating this dangerous nightmare. Business interests were favored over safety and the results have been tragically appalling.

The highway should have gone through Ferry as it went through Bellaire, Bridgeport, and Shadyside, with safely designed ramps to enter and exit the highway. No stoplights, no train tracks, and no idiotic, flashing traffic signs.

Now, we are expected to believe that surveillance is being installed to create safer conditions. I don’t think so. Cameras are being installed to make money out of tragedy.

And, part of that money will be shipped off to Redflex Traffic Systems in Phoenix, Arizona! It is an insult.

McFarland might want to pass this off as an altruistic venture, but it is clearly an authoritarian overreach in the direction of totalitarian methods that erode privacy and that only belong in a police state.

Hopefully these Orwellian gimmicks will end up costing the city more in litigation than will ever be fleeced from hapless travelers.

Brett Merryman