Country Over Politics

Dear Editor,

As the economy of our great nation continues to improve, as evidenced by our ever declining unemployment rate, which is now at a four year low 7.7 percent, combined with 34 consecutive months (and counting) of private sector job growth, all efforts must be fully focused on ensuring the continuation and further enhancement of these most positive economic trend.

Therefore, all must be done in order that we, as a nation, do not go over the “Fiscal Cliff” and pass a budget that will have a positive impact on our economic future.

Republicans must now be more receptive to the wishes of the American populace, who spoke loudly on Nov. 6, in overwhelmingly re-electing President Obama to a second term in The White House, further increasing the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate and be decreasing the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Tax rates are currently at 50 year lows and the marginally increasing of tax rates on the wealthiest of Americans is viewed as a significant step in the right direction toward fiscal sanity and should be achieved.

The nations debt ceiling must also be raised in the near future in order that we, as a nation, are able to continue to payoff its already incurred debts.

Remember, during the two-term presidency of Ronald Reagan, who is widely considered by Republicans/conservatives as the epitome of governmental fiscal restraint, orchestrated the raising of our nation’s debt ceiling 17 times and raised our nation’s taxes 11 times, while our nation’s Chief Executive.

Sometimes it’s best to place idealogy and party politics secondary to what is best for the country, as Reagan had done during times of fiscal uncertainty.

After all, although Republicans now attempt to portray themselves as being the party of fiscal responsibility and restraint, it was Republicans under President George W. Bush, whose fiscal irresponsibility turned a budget surplus, inherited from Democratic President Bill Clinton, into a massive and growing, national debt.

Perhaps deficits only matter to Republicans when a Democrat is in the White House. As our most recent Republican Vice-President, Dick Cheney, stated when said surplus was turned into a massive debt as a result of actions taken by the Bush-Cheney Administration: “Deficits do not matter. Reagan proved that.”

Time to put self-serving partisan politics aside and return the continued fiscal well-being of our nation as our collective top priority.

Thank you.


Richard Hord

Martins Ferry