Our Savior


It is with quiet trepidation over the past several days that I have observed a unique correlation of current world events related to Bible prophecy. Now I do not say that these are the only events to play in an end of the age scenario but the last few may be quite significant.

1. Egypt-Isaiah 19:1-4

With the “Arab Spring”, we saw the rise of revolution and brother against brother in Egypt until now we have a Muslim Brotherhood kingpin by the name of Mursi declaring totalitarian rule. The country continues in rioting and may possibly be subjected to Sharia law with Mursi as their king/president. If this happens we may be looking at the supposed “King of the South” mentioned in Daniel 11:40 who will show up with the antichrist and the King of the North (Endrogen of Turkey) as predicted in the last days. Again I refer to verse 40

2. Syria-Isaiah 17:1

The one claim to fame that Damascus, Syria has is that in thousands of years of existence, it has never been destroyed. Yet we see the threat of Assad using WMDs on the rebels and the forces of NATO and the United States intervening. Even without intervention Damascus may destroy itself

3. Palestine and Judea-Matthew 24:15-16

Abbas gets recognition of Palestine as “Observer state” and Israel begins massive construction of homes in Judea and Samaria. As it says in Zachariah 12:2-3, Jerusalem becomes the rock that the world hates. Of course this all leads to Joel 3:1-3 when all the world comes to the “Valley of Jehosaphat-Armeggedon” because of the division of God’s land

Again these are only a small part of all the events happening today but they are significant in the coming of Jesus Christ.

Believe what you wish to believe but I believe we need to find Jesus as our Savior…soon.

Randy Marple